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Does NovaSignature™ prevent users from changing their signatures?

No. Users will always be able to modify their signatures in their Google Mail settings page. However, NovaSignature™ will replace their email signatures every day.


Do you offer annual plans?

Yes. We offer discounted annual plans. Please contact us for more information.

We prefer not to use a credit card. Are there other payment options?

Yes. We accept payments with checks for long-term subscriptions. Please contact us for more information.


Do I have to be an administrator of my Google Domain to install NovaSignature™?

Yes. You will need to be a Google Domain Administrator so that you can authorize NovaSignature™ to modify the signatures of the users in your domain.

Can I install NovaSignature™ and delegate its day to day administration on another user?

Yes. NovaSignature™ can be used in enterprise mode, which enables the administrator to add users, roles, and signature access control lists. Please contact us for more information on enabling enterprise mode for your domain.

Getting Started

How do I install NovaSignature™ in my domain?

Please complete the following steps to install NovaSignature in your domain:

  1. Make sure that you are signed in as an administrator for your Google domain.
  2. Find NovaSignature™ in the G Suite Marketplace and click on the INSTALL APP button.
  3. NovaSignature™ will request access to your Google account. Review the list of permissions requested and authorize the application.
  4. Select your domain name in the TURN ON selection box.
  5. Accept the Terms of Service.
  6. Select whether to notify the users in your domain. Set this to NO if you do not wish to notify all users.
  7. At the end of the installation process, click Launch App. This will take you into NovaSignature™ to complete your activation.
  8. After the activation process is complete, you will see the NovaSignature™ control panel.

I installed NovaSignature™, but when I attempt to launch the app, I get a message saying that I am not registered for this application.

The setup process was incomplete. You can complete the setup process by logging into the Google Admin Console and clicking on Marketplace apps, Tempus Nova Signature Application, Settings, Go to Tempus Nova Signature Application for setup.

Creating and Editing Signatures

How do I create a signature?

  1. Click on Signatures in the navigation pane on the left. This will open the Signatures page.
  2. NovaSignature™ provides a gallery of existing signature templates. Click on the Open Template Gallery button to open the Template Gallery and browse the existing templates. If you see a signature template that you like, you may click on the Import to my Domain button. This will add that signature template to your own Signatures page, where you can then edit or apply it like any other signature.
  3. If you prefer to create your own signature without using the Template Gallery, click on the Create New button of the Signatures Page. The Create Signature form will be displayed.

How do I edit a signature?

  1. Enter a title for the signature in the Title field. Titles must be unique across all signatures in your domain. The title will allow you to identify this particular signature later.
  2. Enter the text that you want to appear in the user's signature in the main text editor area. You may format the text entered using the control buttons above the text field. Several common formatting options are available, including font family, font size, bold, italics, underline, color selection, alignment, lists, and more. Hovering the cursor over each control will display a label for that control. You may also insert links, images, and YouTube video previews.
  3. Click on the Preview button to view a live preview of your signature with your own user data filled in. Make any changes until you are happy with the appearance of the signature.

How do I insert an image into a signature?

  1. Click on the Images on the navigation pane on the left. This will open the Images page that will allow you to upload images for use in your signatures.
  2. Click on the Upload button. Your browser will display a file upload dialog.
  3. Select an image and submit the dialog. NovaSignature™ will upload the image and show a confirmation popup message. A thumbnail for the image will appear in the page.
  4. Go back to the Signatures page, and edit the signature that you want to insert the image in.
  5. Put the cursor in the place that you would like to insert the image in.
  6. Click on the image icon. The Insert Image dialog box will open showing a list of available images.
  7. Select the image and click on the Insert button. The selected image will appear in the signature.

Can I insert an image that is hosted outside NovaSignature™?

Yes. The Insert Image dialog box allows you to enter the URL of an image hosted outside NovaSignature™. To do that, click on the Web URL tab, and enter the URL of the image in the field provided. Note that external images must be publicly available in order to work properly in an email signature.

Can I insert a YouTube™ video preview into a signature?

Yes. You can insert a YouTube shareable video link. Please refer to this YouTube article for more details on how to create a shareable video link.

How do I insert user data, like the user’s email address or phone number, into a signature?

The Edit Signature page contains two dropdown fields labeled User Categories and User Data. These controls will allow you to insert a user's data into the signature template. For example, selecting the Name option from the categories menu will display specific options related to user names in the User Data menu. Selecting one of these specific options will insert a placeholder into the signature template, which will be filled in with the user's actual data when the signature is applied.

How do I assign a signature to a group of users?

The Users tab of the Edit Signature page allows you to assign a signature to a group of users or to one or more organization units.

If you choose to select the users by Organization Unit, select the Organization Unit(s) (OU) in your domain for the users that will use the signature. Note that if you select a parent organization unit, it will not include users in child organization units of that parent.

If you choose to select the users by Group, select a single group from your domain for the users that will use the signature. Note that the signature will be applied only to the users that directly belong to that group. Groups within groups are not supported.

How do I assign a signature to a specific user?

NovaSignature™ was designed for applying signatures to whole organization units (OUs) or groups of users. The tool does not directly support assigning a signature to a single user.

However, you may accomplish the same by creating a group in the Google Directory and placing a user in that group. Note that the group may only contain users and not other groups.

I created a signature and assigned it to a group of users or to an organizational unit. However, the new signature is not appearing in their new emails.

The new signature may not be available immediately. The previous signature may be cached in the user’s browser for several hours.

The user may expedite this process by logging into their Google Mail Inbox and reloading the page bypassing the cache. In Google Chrome, this can be accomplished by pressing Control+Shift+R or Command+Shift+R.


Can I add a label to an attribute that only appears if the attribute is available? e.g. Add "Email:" before the email address, but only if the email address is available.

Yes. NovaSignature™ uses the Jinja template engine to insert user data into your signature templates. Adding the following Jinja code to your signature would display "Email:" only if the primary email attribute is available:

{% for entry in emails %}{% if entry.primary and entry.address is defined %}Email: {% endif %}{% endfor %}

For more on Jinja, please visit the Template Designer Documentation. User resource data comes from the Google Directory API.

Please contact us for more information on how to develop complex signatures using Jinja code.

Does NovaSignature™ support Google Directory custom attributes?

No. NovaSignature™ does not currently support using Google Directory custom attributes in signatures.

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